BETA 1400 RTF Mode 1

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The BETA 1400ARF was designed for first time pilots in mind, and offers incredibly stable flight characteristics and durability. Powered by a powerful brushless motor mounted on the top so hard landing won’t break the prop or hurt the motor. The BETA 1400ARF flies with little input and has the ability to recover easily. Made from  durable  foam, the BETA 1400ARF will take a tremendous amount of abuse without breaking. And, if it does break it is easily repaired with CA (super) glue. Even after many crashes during the learning process, the BETA 1400ARF  will be ready for more and is sure to still be around to teach someone else to fly where other trainers would be ready for the trash can!

BETA 1400ARF  Ready to Fly Kit - Includes 4 channel 2.4GHz radio, 4 Mikro Servos, X-20 Speed Control, Brushless Motor, Lipo Battery and charger. In the RTF version, the motor, speed control are installed and wired, the receiver and servos are installed and connected. All connectors are installed. Even the control rods and control horns are installed on the airplane. All that is left for you to is is a little assembly work. This should take you less than one hour. Since everything is setup up for you even the balance for the airplane is preset. Just add some batteries to the transmitter, charge the motor battery and you are ready to fly.

How does it fly? PELIKAN did their homework on this one! It flies beautifully! You can fly it around like a parkflyer or climb up and turn off the motor for gliding fun. The undercambered airfoil is very nice for slowflight and the BETA 1400ARF has a surprisingly good glide. You can easily thermal the BETA 1400ARF . BUT! Where it really excels is with the beginner pilot. The BETA 1400 is very forgiving and gentle airplane to fly. Best of all the Elapor foam is very tough and will take crashes that most other beginner aircraft would not survive.

And it's contolled also by Ailerons!!!






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