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  • 2019-08-19
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Dear Customer!

We are glad to officially introduce you the TopRC REWARD POINTS system!
With this feature we are giving you a possibility to SAVE some EXTRA MONEY!

Here we are giving you some guidelines, terms & conditions and FAQ about it, so please read it carefully.

1. How does it work?
It is very simple: each product is priced with REWARD POINTS which determine its value. By purchasing different products you collect REWARD POINTS in your ACCOUNT. When you have collected some REWARD POINTS, you can use them to pay your order.

2. What is neccessary to be able to collect REWARD POINTS?
A customer has to be registered with his account on the toprc.eu web shop.

3. What if a product costs more REWARD POINTS than are available in a customer's account?
There is no problem at all to pay only a part of the product's value/price with the REWARD POINTS that one has in his account. For example: if a products costs 10€ and its value is 100 REWARD POINTS, one can use 50 REWARD POINTS from his account and the remaining to pay will be only 5€, so the half of the product.

4. Do the REWARD POINTS have an expiration date?
No, you can use them as long as your account is active and valid.

5. What is the value of 1 REWARD POINT?
1 REWARD POINT equals to 0,10€.

6. Also B2B customers can get REWARD POINTS?
No, REWARD POINTS are active and valid only for B2C customers.

7. Please note that not all products can give you REWARD POINTS, but all products can be bought with REWARD POINTS a customer has in his account.


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