XRAY X1'19

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FREE SHIPPING or XRS Slovenia 30€ VOUCHER to use at XRS Slovenia 2018/19 races !!!

XRAY X1'19 All-new features:

• All-new front lower arms redesigned for better durability, made from harder material, and possibility to adjust front track width

• All-new wider arm mount plate included in the kit to allow to adjust front track width

• All-new graphite top deck which allows to adjust inline chassis flex

• All-new alu servo mount to work with new lower adjustable graphite arms

• All-new alu bulkheads allow for very quick & easy ride height adjustment.

• All-new upper clamps to work with new bulkheads

• All-new rear wheelbase adjustment

• All-new graphite rear brace with integrated backstop and O-ring battery mount system

• All-new O-ring for securing the battery

• All-new adjustable graphite battery backstop with 4 positions

• All-new graphite rear bulkhead brace with extra wing mount positions and redesigned to work with new rear bulkheads

• All-new plate for mounts to work with new top deck

• Softer, mostly used front coil springs included in the kit

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